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OMSI 2 Belgrade

Mensagem por Fênix em 18th Maio 2016, 8:02 am

Involved persons: 
Map authors: darmar, gibanica
Ocject creator: steva95

This map includes the western part of Belgrade, including real bus lines 15, 15N, 45 and 71. 
Beside driveble ones, the map contains 18 AI lines, cities and suburbans and one tram route. 

Bus line 15 (Zeleni Venac – Zemun Novi Grad) 
- connects city downtown and Zemun suburbs. 

Bus line 15N (Zeleni Venac – Zemun Novi Grad) 
- connects city downtown and Zemun suburbs. 
* partially real route

Bus line 45 (Novi Beograd Blok 44 – Zemun Novi Grad) 
- connects New Belgrade and Zemun suburbs. 

Bus line 71 (Zeleni Venac – Bežanija – Ledine) 
- connects city downtown and New Belgrade suburb Ledine. 

Any suggestion and bug you can report in this topic. Knowing issues and FAQ are in read-me file.

Copyright: It is forbidden to use any parts or element in any kind of future payware map. This map is strictly free and it is prohibited to pay this project on any way. Map has been created using the objects and elements available for free on the internet. The map's authors carry no responsibility for potential damage to the game. It is forbidden to use any part of map content without prior Author’s approval. You are installing this add-on at your own risk. Created and tested on versions 2.2.032.



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